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Create your own magic feather!

Magic is imagination, creativity and fun. Now you have come so far in this journey with Womagis & Olivia, you have officially become a Womagis Initiator! To learn how to use this magic, Womagis has left here his most precious tool for you to start creating: a magic feather.

Follow the feather´s outline and craft the first item every Womagis Initiator must have!

Create your own Womagis Language!

As a Womagis Initiator, your first mission is to discover your true potential. Womagis created words of love and peace, and from his magic, his world became a better place. Focus on what you like and create your own magical language and world!

Spread languages worldwide!

Your new mission as a Womagis Initiator is to unleash your magic and spread languages with your friends to convey peace, love and fun all over the world. The next time you hear someone talking another language, ask them to share with you a word and invent together a new one. Are you ready?

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