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5 ways to say hi and in which countries you can use them

Learning a new language always has to start somewhere, so why not start with saying hi! This article lists five ways of greeting someone, and states in which countries they are used.

  1. Namaste – Hindi. You might know this greeting thanks to yoga classes. Hindi is being spoken in the north of India and Nepal.
  2. Hallo – German. This can be said at each moment of the day. The countries where you can greet someone saying hallo are Germany, parts of Switzerland and Austria.
  3. Salaam – Persian/Farsi. This language is spoken in parts of the old Persian empire. These countries are nowadays Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and you could use Salaam in some parts of Bahrain and Uzbekistan.
  4. Jambo – Swahili. There are about 80 million people speaking Swahili. Most of them live in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
  5. Konnichiwa – Japanese. This greeting can only be used in Japan, since that is the only country where the language is used.

After reading this list you should be able to start a conversation in fourteen countries, the only thing missing is a ticket to one of these countries!

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