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1. In how many languages can I read Womagis?

Each version of Womagis is written in 18 different languages. There are currently six versions of Womagis on the market: “Womagis”, “Womagis Spain”, “Womagis Mexico”, “Womagis United States of America”, “Womagis Deutschland” and “Womagis United Arab Emirates”. You can read Womagis in more than 100 languages.

2. How do we read Womagis?

Womagis is a book and a chromatic game. The multilingual colour boxes change position on each new page. Each new page is assigned a colour box. Follow your colour box to read the story in your selected language.

Womagis is a book to play and create which you can read, watch the illustrations and imagine how would you read the book in other languages, plus inspiring you to create your own language. You also find activities to make your own pencil and more! Read, play and have fun, you make your one rules!

3. Is Womagis a book to learn languages?

Womagis is not a language learning method. The goal of the book is to offer the possibility to read simultaneously a fantastic story within a multilanguage platform, to share the book with other friends and explore other languages having fun and following the colour boxes. The aim is to inspire and awake the enthusiasm and interest to learn other languages and to discover other forms of expression.

4. What is the new Womagis language?

Womagis invites kids to create their own language of peace and love after finishing to read the book. The kids are encouraged to continue the fantastic story of Womagis and to create the Magic Feather which is a simple craft available on the website by clicking on “Make Magic”.

5. Who designed the activities in the book?

A selective group of professional pedagogies created the activities and revised the story and books illustrations to ensure that are educational, fun and appropriated for the minimum age recommended for children.

6. Who has done the translations of the book?

Womagis counts with more than a hundred collaborations of translators! A selective team of translators have been selected to manage the accurate translations from all versions of the book.

7. How do I purchase Womagis?

You can buy a hard print on Amazon. The cover´s book is soft and flexible, perfect for travelling. Besides, if you have an app or e-book reader, you can read Womagis on Kindle, Kobo and Google Play. If you cannot find the book, write to us and we will find a solution for you: olivia@womagis.com.

8. I’m interested in using Womagis in a special project I manage

We would love to be a part of your library and your life journey! Womagis offers storytelling and small-format workshops which we organize in your centre. Write to us and we will send you information about our activities, promotions and special offers for schools, libraries, cultural centres and more: olivia@womagis.com

9. I found a mistake in the book! How can I share it with you?

We want Womagis to be accurate, respectful, and correction all languages we use, however sometimes we make mistakes too! If you find and error in the texts, please tell us at olivia@womagis.com. You are the most important part of this adventure and we will be forever grateful.

10. I want to use the multilingual framework for a project that I lead

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We love to collaborate and attempt new and exciting things! Womagis holds the multilingual framework´s rights, If you want to use it for your educational activities or other purposes, please write to us at olivia@womagis.com.


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