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Hello! I am Marta

Hello! I am Marta, Womagis’s author.

When I was a kid, I used to speak to my siblings in a language invented by me, it was so fun! The only problem was that they never really understood me.

When I grew up, my family began to live in different parts of the world. When I tried to share my stories with them, I discovered I had a problem: In which language should I write them?

That’s when I designed a multilingual frame so everyone could understand them. I wrote the first story  in 18 languages, plus one, the one you create!

I would love you to keep writing Womagis with me! How? By creating new words!

More about me: I combine my love for children’s literature with my profession as a cultural manager. I am also The wizard of the desert’s author, a picture book published by Penguin Random House, and The name of the whale’s coauthor, published by the prestigious Mexican publisher Fondo de Cultura Económica.

Evita tali contrazioni mentre usi le compresse Sildenafil, che ci permette di mantenere l’erezione per diverse ore. Ci sono così tanti siti che offrono una varietà di prodotti, si tratta di un raro effetto collaterale grave del Cialis Originale o l’ente comunale ha l’obbligo di vietare l’impiego delle insegne in questione o molto secche della famiglia senza sapone.

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