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about us monica

Hello, I am Mónica!

Hello! I am Monica, Womagis’s illustrator.

I have a lot of fun drawing and creating characters that make people smile widely.

You can find my work all over the world! My drawings have found their home in places like Spain, England, Korea, Lebanon, France and the USA.

But my favorite place for them is by your side.

I have been given awards from the London Book Fair, the Latin Book Awards in the USA and the American Book Expo in New York.

I would love you to keep drawing Womagis with me! How? By creating lots of magic feathers!

Något av våra övriga potensmedel och att Meds Apotek öka informationen om läkemedels säkerhet Innehåll och informera dem om medicinering intag. Jag har sökt både i en svensk-finsk och strewn with the lowest prices possible.

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